Nutrisystem For Men

This article looks at the Nutrisystem for Men diet plans and explores their effectiveness for men wanting to lose weight with a convenient, home delivery diet program.

While many diet programs tend to be specifically aimed at women wanting to lose weight, Nutrisystem have created a whole dieting system catering specifically for the dietary and nutritional needs of the male physique.

What is Nutrisystem?

nutrisystem for menFor many years, Nutrisystem has been a popular weight loss meal replacement diet plan that helps people become healthy and lose weight. This is achieved through a personalized weight management diet program.

Nutrisystem offers separate plans for both men and women. They are designed to address their specific calorie intake and nutritional requirements to help them lose weight effectively.

Looking at the Nutrisystem for Men diet program, I have uncovered a number of useful facts and information snippets that prospective dieters will find helpful when deciding if this is the right diet for them.

Weight Loss Plans

There are a number of factors related to losing weight that include the initial weight and body size, metabolism, hormones and daily caloric needs, with marked differences between men and women.

A program like Nutrisystem for Men takes away any guesswork and provides a solution for initial weight loss while preparing for a sustained healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance in the long term.

It can help reach weight loss goals and is backed by a scientifically researched program that encourages correct nutrition, calorie intake, portion control and developing a new, healthy relationship with food.

It is interesting to note that:

Advantages and Disadvantages (Pros and Cons)

While it may appear that this program is overflowing with many amazing benefits, I feel I should point out the disadvantages that can arise with this, like many other dieting programs of similar format.

Let's look at both the pros and cons of this popular diet food delivery program.



A complaint that Nutrisystem sometimes receives is the food can taste bland. This can be explained easily if a person is accustomed to eating heavily seasoned, processed foods, it's not difficult to see how switching to healthier meals by Nutrisystem will seem different to what they're used to.

Fortunately, Nutrisystem approves of using some extra seasoning to liven up the meals if you need to.

Why Choose Nutrisystem for Men?

The main purpose of this diet program is to help men lose weight, easily and conveniently while providing a tasty, interesting and varied menu.

In the process, the program aims to help address certain health issues such as:

If there are any special dietary concerns you may have, it's always best to discuss the plan of your choice with your doctor for professional advice.

What I like about Nutrisystem for Men is that it provides a number of options to narrow down the best choices to suit your nutritional needs. Added to that is the availability of meal choices according to the health benefits they provide.

Vegetarian Menu

Nutrisystem for Men also offers a vegetarian plan for those that like to follow a meat-free lifestyle.

The vegetarian menu options are flavorsome and nutritious, providing a full range of nutrition and balance between protein, carbs and healthy fats. In some cases there are foods available on the menu that you wouldn't expect as being vegetarian, such as creamy, saucy manicotti and chocolate fudge bars.

There are a number of dairy-free items provided on the vegetarian menu. However, this plan is not generally suitable for vegan diets.

Diabetic Menus

Nutrisystem has three tiers of plans for men with diabetes, referred to as Nutrisystem D.

These plans provide menus that are perfect for diabetics and those with pre-diabetes. They are also suited to those concerned about blood sugar control and insulin.

The ″Uniquely Yours″ and ″Uniquely Yours Ultimate″ dinner menus have around 48 diabetic friendly entrées, plus around 24 diabetic breakfast choices and 36 diabetic lunch options.

Special Dietary Needs

There are some entrées and snacks provided by the Nutrisystem for Men plans that are suited to certain other special dietary preferences. However, it is necessary to filter through the menu in order to find them.

If you have a particular food intolerance, for example dairy or gluten, it is possible to exclude meals that include those ingredients. However, this limits the meal choices in some cases.

For example, out of around 33 lunches, 23 contain wheat.

Please note that Nutrisystem offers a phone number to contact their nutritional support team if you have any questions about special dietary restrictions.

Also note that on the website there is a note that the Nutrisystem diet program is not suitable for people with Celiacs Disease.

The Meals

When losing weight, it is so important that your food tastes great if you want to enjoy an overall success.

Naturally, eating healthy will involve some sensory reprogramming after your palate having been overloaded with foods containing excess salt, sugar, unhealthy fats and preservatives for a long time. At the same time, it is natural to want food that is fresh, tasty and of good texture.

In the main, the meal selections in the Nutrisystem for Men diet plan are pretty good and well-liked by most customers. The company states that each dish is free of:

This means that the entrées taste good and are clean, fresh and healthy.

Meal Variety

Nutrisystem offers enough variety to please most people's tastes. Customer favorites for taste include the White Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza, Artichoke and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast, Roasted Turkey Medallions and Chicken Parmesan.

The meals are designed with the perfect balance of:

The meals are also created with the appropriate caloric intake for a man. A benefit of a meal-delivery diet like Nutrisystem is the continual improvements to the meal quality and the addition of new and delicious meal options to their menu.

Currently, more than 160 nutritious entrées and snacks that are specially designed for weight loss are available from the top plans. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and their quick and easy grab and go snacks.

Nutrisystem for Men is a four-week program, so with so many meals to choose from it's easy to avoid repetition, no matter which plan you choose.

Frozen and Non-Frozen Meals

Nutrisystem for Men features both frozen and non-frozen chef-prepared meal options, providing quality ingredients that taste great.

Remember that Nutrisystem for Men is a diet program providing a solid foundation of tasty entrées delivered in perfect portion sizes, along with an outline of what to eat each day and each week.

You can include organic or clean ingredients into the diet by supplementing with foods from specialist organic stores. Nutrisystem provides examples of what is acceptable to add to their meals without affecting calorie intake levels too much, although they suggest sticking with their meals for achieving long-term weight loss goals.


If you're looking for a diet solution to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle, Nutrisystem for Men is a really great meal delivery weight loss program for guys who don't always have time for messing with food prep and cooking, let alone calorie counting and all the fuss that goes with traditional diets.

This program is surprisingly easy to follow as a meal delivery option, making losing weight and getting healthy simplicity itself.

Posted: August 25, 2022

Lastly, if you like to watch video, here is a good one reviewing the Men's Uniquely Yours Plan: