This is the "About" page of www.ratingdietplans.com where the author gets the chance to tell you what the website is all about!

So welcome to Rating Diet Plans where you'll discover a collection of reviews that tell it all about the best of the current dieting programs that are available.

The main focus of this website is to review and appraise the more popular diet plans that are currently available. To achieve that, I have been busy researching and digging around for as much information as I can about each of the dieting programs that I have featured in these pages.

The information is as accurate and current as possible, with much relevant data obtained from the respective company websites to ensure its authenticity and to avoid copying errors that may find their way into third partry review articles and papers.

The result is a fully detailed review of each of my personally chosen dieting programs from a long list of possibilities that are everywhere. The reviews may contain one or more customer testimonials where relevant which also help to add a user viewpoint to each of the programs.

I am not a medical or health expert and do not claim to offer any medical advice. The content is derived from my own research, personal experience and coalating input from reviewing customers of the relevant diet programs.

I hope you gain a good insight into the diets that you have chosen as probable weight loss or heath solutions for yourself from my articles!

Thank you for visiting.