thanksgiving diet

26 Holiday Dieting Tips That Will Keep You Food Coma Free!

If you have ever attempted to win the battle of the bulge by either dieting or improving your eating habits, you are probably well aware of the challenges that you may face, especially during the latter portion of the year. The last two months of each year, otherwise known as the holiday season, can be […]

atkins diet review

The Atkins Diet Review

The Atkins Diet is one of the most popular diet programs to date. It is also one that has been around longer than most, created in 1972 by renowned cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins. It has received both positive and negative reviews along the way. If you have tried any diets in the past, the Atkins […]

mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet

There are countless diets available in books and online to assist men and women in finally being able to reach their weight loss goals. One diet that has received rave reviews from dieters, industry experts and even most physicians, is the Mediterranean Diet. In addition to receiving high ranks from doctors, it has also been […]

17 day diet delivery

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan & Book Review

If you have tried most of the fad diets publicized today and have seen less than stellar results, you may want to look into the 17 Day Diet. The 17 Day diet is a flexible, nutritionally sound diet plan created to help those that want to lose as little as 10 or as much 100 […]

appetite supressing foods

Natural Appetite Suppressant: Methods to Control Cravings

For most dieters, the battle between snacking and fighting off hunger in between meals can be one that is often lost. Surviving on fewer calories each day can be difficult, especially if you are upping your activity level and burning more calories in your workouts. Knowing what foods to eat in order to keep you […]

best breakfast for weight loss

The Healthiest Breakfast for Weight Loss

When most people think about dieting and losing weight, they immediately associate these thoughts with eating less and consuming fewer overall calories per day. Although there very well may be a need to cut calories and eat less, most people tend to cut out the wrong foods at the wrong time […]

loss of energy

1200 Calorie a Day Diet is as Low as You Should Go, Here’s Why!

When it comes to dieting and losing weight, there is no getting around the fact that it is necessary to cut calories. The only way to lose weight is to consume less than the number of calories your body burns each day. This can be accomplished by eating less and/or exercising more. Ideally, a combination […]

diets that work

Diets That Work and What They All Have in Common!

Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Slim-Fast, Dukan, Ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo and Medifast are just a few of the popular diets Americans are trying each and every day to achieve their weight loss goals. The real question lies in, “Do these diets really work?” If they do work, what is it that makes certain diets so successful and […]

pregnancy diet

Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat While Pregnant

Deciding to start a family and getting pregnant will be one of the most exciting moments of your life. At the same time, it can also be a bit daunting since the nine months prior to your baby’s birth are so critical to his or her development. Many expectant moms wonder what to eat, what […]

foods to avoid while pregnant

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Eating healthy is something every man, woman and child should be doing. It is essential to keep the immune system strong, fight ailments, improve energy and live a long, healthy life. Eating healthy is especially important, however, for expectant moms that have a life literally forming inside of them. The food you eat while pregnant […]

calorie intake for weight loss

Calorie Intake to Lose Weight: How to Calculate Your Daily Deficit

When it comes to weight loss, the reality is a very simple one. You need to consume less than your total daily calories burned. This means you need to have a daily deficit in your calories. This deficit is what creates the slow, gradual, healthy weight loss that leads to permanent weight loss down the […]

low calorie foods

Low Calorie Foods Essential For Your Diet

With obesity on the rise and posing one of the most single most severe health problems in the country, it is no wonder that so many are trying to lose weight through any means necessary. There are countless fad diets, diet food delivery programs, fitness regimens and weight loss plans that swear to give you […]